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The Power of Touch

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Some healing cannot happen through words alone. Sometimes, the pains of the mind do not need more thinking, but rather need the soothing power of touch. Since long before recorded history, lineages around the world used touch to heal the body, mind, heart and spirit. ⁣

The therapeutic touch used in hands-on somatic work can be very helpful in the process of therapy. Touch creates balance and calm, assists emotional understanding and release, helps connect you to your body and sensations, and increases comfort in the body. ⁣

It is done fully clothed laying on a bodywork table. In the past, you may have had trouble fully accessing what you're feeling with a therapist and then crying in a yoga class or during a massage. Hands-on work connects this bridge. ⁣

The therapist listens to the body rather than analyzing or trying to change it. You will be asked to listen to your own sensations as well. Together, we’ll explore body sensations and what situations, thoughts, memories, conflicts or questions might be behind them and what the sensations are asking for. ⁣

Beautifully expressed by our somatic therapist, Laura Fuller.


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