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Individual Therapy

Our approach integrates Depth Therapy, EMDR, Mindfulness, Spirituality, and Somatic Therapy

While we therapists love to explore the past, at Flow our focus is on how the present moment is being impacted. This is more than thinking. It's deeper - it's feeling, it's in your body, in your subconscious. It's less analytical - it's not just talking about the same stuff from your childhood over and over again. 

Yes, there's some exploration around why this might be happening, but really it's more focused on how to move forward. 

We are direct and transparent therapists. We are here to support you but also to challenge you. This will happen with the utmost care and respect and will be an invitation to see things from different perspectives and to keep us from remaining stuck or stagnant. 

Also, it doesn't have to be so serious - we like to laugh and we will have fun!


Self portrait by Tracey Emin

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