Can we allow things to be as they are and not be attached to any specific outcome? Can we accept that everything is impermanent and will inevitably change?


Understanding the inherent negativity bias in the brain and learning how to alter and reorganize it by forming new neural connections - no matter our age. Everyday tools to construct a happier and more positive brain.


Build a more meaningful and fulfilling life, a life with personal happiness and well-being. Seek connection, stimulation, novelty, passion, creativity. These practices get us from that "going through the motions" feeling to a life that is fully alive. 


Developing awareness of subtle sensation in our body allows us to tap into the body's power and turn to it as our greatest resource. There is a shift from being alienated from our bodies into feeling deeply safe and connected within them. We can then allow emotions, like fear and pain, to flow through us and strengthen rather than paralyze us.


Spirit directs our attention to the cosmos and the planet, to huge ideas and vast adventures, to prayer and meditation and other spiritual practices, to a worldview and philosophy of life. Spirit expands our heart and mind, gives us vision and courage, and eventually leaves us with a strong sense of meaning and purpose. 


The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Holistic methods approach the person "as a whole," recognizing the interconnectedness of all working elements. We address the underlying causes of health problems, rather than the symptoms alone. 


Being in "flow state," involves complete absorption in what we are doing, and brings a sense of serenity, timelessness, and a break from worrying about ourselves. Finding flow also comes when we relax into the natural downstream ease of a current, instead of kicking so hard to swim upstream. Thus, allowing ourselves to be with life as it is, rather than what we think it "should" be.