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Sexological Bodywork

We’ve spoken here about the difference between Bottom-Up Processing and Top-Down Processing. It's the difference between coming at things from your body vs your head. Now let's talk about healing from The Inside-Out vs The Outside-In. Sexological Bodywork uses a "Hands-On, Hands-In" approach to working with topics such as sexual empowerment, sexual trauma, and scar tissue remediation. Practitioners are trained to work with the body and also on the genitals, although much of the work is done without touch. Clients are supported to learn about establishing boundaries, regulating their nervous systems, embodiment, breathwork, positive touch, consent, movement, and many other topics. To learn more, a good place to start is with the work of @kimberly.ann.johnson Podcast: Sex, Birth Trauma Program: Activate Your Inner Jaguar Book: Call of the Wild


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