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Trauma - Informed Therapy

  • Heal & resolve childhood trauma & neglect

  • Identify and remove unconscious blocks that are holding you back

  • Stop repeating the same patterns

  • Release trauma that is stored in your body

  • Develop more self-compassion & self-esteem, be kinder to yourself

  • Tap into strength of your own internal resources

  • Know that you're not alone

  • Strengthen intuition, deepen spirituality, find meaning & purpose in your life


Art by @mr.babies

Being in a situation that is overwhelming, upsetting, and out of control can have significant and long-lasting impacts on your nervous system and mental health. 

This is trauma. 

This could have happened in ongoing ways in childhood. This could have happened in one specific incident, like an accident or an attack. This could be happening in your current life, honestly just dating can be traumatic!

While everyone experiences trauma differently, here are some common symptoms of trauma: ​

  • Anxiety, hyper vigilance

  • Numb, dissociated, disconnected

  • Feeling unsafe in the world

  • Having negative self beliefs

  • Difficulty managing emotions

  • Flashbacks, intrusive thoughts or memories

  • Difficulty with close relationships

The Holistic Approach to Trauma

Having bad things happen to you may be part of life, but the effects do not have to be permanent. Like a wound to your body, your brain has the capacity to heal. You can feel whole again and live without being haunted by the past. 

We believe treating trauma needs a creative approach. No two people, no two trauma experiences are the same. One size does not fit all. Our approach incorporates several types of trauma treatment, including EMDR, which will be customized to fit each person's needs. 

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