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Flow's Holistic Approach: Somatic Therapy & Acupuncture

At Flow House, we believe that deep and lasting change comes when we include the physical body and nervous system into our treatment of mental health. It makes sense, right? Everything is connected and we are missing out if we keep them separated!

To complement the traditional approach of talk therapy, we offer Somatic Therapy and Acupuncture.

Somatic Therapy is a therapeutic mind-body approach to chronic stress and trauma. It involves "bottom-up processing," in which attention is primarily directed to the body's internal sensations, rather than cognitive or emotional experiences.

Acupuncture, which originated around 3,000 years ago, focuses on stimulating the nervous system. Acupuncture points are areas on the body that have a high concentration of nerve endings and stimulation of these points can produce systemic changes in the body that help to restore homeostasis, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and decrease pain.

Our services are optional & a la carte. Our clients like to try a variety of approaches and see what works best for them. We're happy to help you figure it out!

Photo by Kellen Houde


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