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Psychedelics & EMDR

We love the transcendent opportunities of psychedelics, the profound shifts in perspective, the deeply felt sense of belonging and ok-ness.

Yes, they have become big business. Yes, proper facilitation and integration can be important to consider. Yes, they're amazing and, yes, they also get misused.

I feel like not enough people talk about the similarities between psychedelics and EMDR.

EMDR is a type of therapy, through gentle tapping on the body or guidance of eye movements, that opens and activates the subconscious mind.

There is an abundant amount of high-quality information in our subconscious. They key is in finding ways to access it - dreams, spiritual journeys, psychedelics, nature, art, EMDR.

In there is a universal wisdom deeper than what we can come up with in our conscious minds. Memories emerge and reframe; distorted thinking loosens; our bodies let go of the grips and find that oceanic calm.

We don’t exactly know how it works and we don’t know why, yet many people tap into something beyond themselves simply through accessing the subconscious.

The work is both fast and slow.

Weeks of preparatory process with your therapist can be helpful to open a path to your body and into your imagination. Together you'll choose a "target" to focus on - something coming up hot for you these days or something from your past - and then once you begin the tapping or the eye movements, the release can come pretty quickly.

You'll just follow whatever comes to mind .. could be a smell, a free association, a random memory, a fictional character, a joke.

You just follow the white rabbit. Doesn't need to make sense.

And somehow, somewhere, just like with psychedelics, something ✨clicks✨ and it all feels different.

Because once you see truth, you can't unsee it.


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