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"Manifesting" an Available Partner

Updated: Apr 11

On Gina Minardi's podcast, "Spaces Between," I spoke about my attraction to unavailable men and my ongoing process of changing this pattern.

I was used to a push-pull feeling in relationship, challenge, unpredictability. Love wasn't readily given to me, I had to earn it. I never really felt comfortable, but it was exciting and stimulating.

Changing these patterns of attraction is complicated. Now that I'm in a healthy, available, loving relationship, I find ways to push it away.

But I'm realizing I don't need to work to receive love and I don't need to create drama in my life. Life serves up enough.

My 4-Steps to "manifesting" a loving, available partner:

Of course, this was in addition to years of inner work to let go of what I "thought" I needed in my life in order to be happy. I was 40 years old, divorced, dating unavailable men, and had 18 frozen eggs.

What's a girl to do?

I re-wrote my narrative by finding love, purpose, identity, and connection in other ways beyond dating. I deepened my friendships, my spiritual practices. I birthed a business, I created a beautiful home, and I became comfortable with silence & solitude.

The final piece was this manifestation process, which was inspired by my friend @astroccult.

I met my partner 2 months later. ❤️

Note: For the photo wall, you can use pictures of celebrity or fictional couples who inspire you. Some of my favorites are Michelle & Barack and Coach T & Tami from "Friday Night Lights."

Listen to the full interview on Gina Minardi's podcast, "Spaces Between."

x Jori


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