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Love Addiction 🥀

"Love addicts use love, or the pursuit of love, as a way of distracting themselves from uncomfortable feelings or emotions.

Love addiction is deeply rooted in a constant need for attention, validation, nurturing, and connection.

Some love addicts get caught in toxic relationships and become codependent. Love addiction and codependency often go hand-in-hand as love addicts will do anything to take care of their partners.

Toxic care-taking can be in the form of enabling immature behaviors or 'rescuing' in hopes that they will not be abandoned.

Love addicts allocate an unbalanced amount of time, attention and value to the person that they are addicted to and this focus usually has an obsessive quality.

🌹 Therapy can lead to a deeper awareness regarding the underlying causes of the obsessive needs. Learning about codependent patterns leads to a better understanding of oneself which can lead to improved self esteem and healthier love connections." - Alexandra Katehakis

Anything here resonate? Give a call, we can help!

Image: "Zabriskie Point," 1970, dir by Michaelangelo Antonioni


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