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My True Power

What's the #1 most important, most effective tool we recommend for finding contentment & ease?


That inner place of silence is your source of true power and intuition. The more often you go to your source, the easier it is to return and the longer you can stay.

You can meditate in many different ways - eyes open or closed, while moving or sitting. If you think you "can't" meditate, we'd love to help you. ⁣

Our brains are not used to this practice and so it may feel uncomfortable at first, but you may just need some simple instruction. ⁣

⁣How about giving these a try?

Mindfulness Meditation:

The brain wants something to hold on to. So, give it something! Your breath is the perfect anchor. ⁣

Repeat silently to yourself "In" on the inhale and "Out" on the exhale. Over & over & over again. It becomes calming, like a metronome. ⁣

With your brain suitably distracted, that voice in your head will naturally soften and quiet. When you start to drift into thinking, just gently come back to your "In" and "Out." ⁣

This kind of meditation can leave you feeling spacious, floaty, relaxed. Try it on your own for 3 or 5 minutes, working your way up to 10. ⁣

Or try a guided meditation. These are a bit different, but have similar effects. Our favorite is by Tara Brach, though hers tend to be a bit long for beginners.

Bodyfulness Meditation:

This kind of meditation involves lighting up your physical body. These practices are less about the floaty, spacious head feeling and more like a ZAP! to your body. You will be creating positive energy in your body, which leaves your whole system buzzing, vibrating, and feeling alive. ⁣

⁣These meditations move your attention through the different energy centers in your body. Starting at the base of your spine and moving up the column to the top of your head, each center helps you connect to your body and activate key areas of your personal power - your creativity, sexuality, authentic truth, intuition, compassion, spirituality, wisdom, sense of belonging, grounding. ⁣

By focusing your attention on these areas, you are bringing the intention to strengthen them. And it feels great! Like you're lit up from within. ⁣

⁣Try our favorites on Insight Timer: "Journey through the Chakras" by Amrit Yoga Institute, "Chakra Lights" by Estelle Godsman and "7 Color Rays Meditation" by Arielle Hecht. ⁣

Art by Christina Bothwell


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