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Building Your Personal Power

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Was my absolute pleasure to talk to these two dynamos on @cheaperthantherapythepodcast. ⁣

In the 2nd half of the convo, we get into my favorite topic: How to Build Your Personal Power! I do much more babbling on the show but here are some quick ideas:⁣

#1 Our Minds are Something We All Have Influence Over⁣

Even though it may not feel like it, you have control about what goes on in there. ⁣

#2 Rule It Like a King or Queen⁣

Your mind is your kingdom. You are the leader and it wants to be led. Learn to do this with meditation by consciously directing your thoughts back to your breath.⁣

#3 Ask For What You Want⁣

It’s hard to let ourselves want something; it’s hard to risk the disappointment and pain of not getting it. But it’s important to say what we want and to let ourselves feel the longing of it. ⁣

#4 Say Thank You⁣

Appreciate what you have. We all have many things to be grateful for. Our job is to look for them. ⁣

#5 Your Body is the Key⁣

This can’t just be in the mind - you have to use your body. Go from passive body into active. Back erect, legs strong, blood flowing, eyes sharp. Feel like a lion. Extend your arms, imagine you’re palming a basketball. Your hands are not limp, they are magnetized. Lightning bolts could come through. You're building a visceral sense of power. ⁣

Now go back to your mind or the issue at hand. Feel any different?⁣

#6 Visualization

Very Important! Neurons in our brain cannot tell the difference between what we're imagining and what is actually happening. If you generate feelings of love in your body, you will actually become more loving. ⁣

Feel your whole body in & out as you imagine - up & down, around, within, between, behind, above. Fill yourself up inside - go inside the actual organ of your heart! See the chambers pumping. ⁣

Picture someone you love and try to amplify that feeling in your heart. If you can tap into love, that's real power! ⁣


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