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Your Unconscious

The unconscious is a marvelous universe of unseen energies, forces, and intelligence that lives within us. It is much larger than the conscious mind, much larger than most of us realize. Picture the conscious mind like a cork bobbing in the enormous ocean of the unconscious.

The unconscious is the secret source of much of our thought, feeling and behavior and it is constantly influencing us. These hidden parts of ourselves have strong feelings that want to be expressed.

We generally act as if there is no unconscious, as if all the complexity of life can be explained by what is seen or known.

We can do the inner work and enter that realm with intention. Or, if we try to ignore our inner world, the unconscious will find its way into our lives through pathology: our psychosomatic symptoms, compulsions, depressions and neuroses.

From his book Inner Work, Robert Johnson writes, "All the forms of interaction with the unconscious that nourished our ancestors - dream, vision, ritual, religious experience - are largely lost to us, dismissed as primitive or superstitious.

One of the tragedies of the modern world is the splitting off of the conscious mind from its unconscious roots. Our isolation from the unconscious mirrors our isolation from our souls, from our spirit. If we don’t go to the spirit, the spirit will come to us as neurosis.

This is the immediate, practical connection between psychology & spirituality in our time."


At Flow, we’re interested in more than your conscious mind. How about your unconscious! Let’s see what’s going on in there and how it’s affecting your moods and behaviors. ⁣

EMDR, one of our favorite therapies, relaxes your conscious brain via gentle handheld buzzers, allowing everyday thinking to quiet and a deeper, free association of memories and insights to emerge. ⁣

In Intuitive Hypnotherapy, you are part of the process as you & your therapist follow images that come to you in a dream-like exploration. ⁣

Somatic Therapy helps your body let go of the pain, disappointment, and trauma that has been stored for too long, opening up new levels of health and clarity in your life. ⁣

Meditation gives you space from your incessant brain, drops you to a more pure version of yourself, and connects you to more expansive energies (like how you feel when you’re in nature). ⁣

Are you curious about your unconscious? Want to explore it safely with a trained and experienced guide? Call today to get connected!⁣

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