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Mind and Body Connect

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

THE ISSUES ARE IN THE TISSUES. "Your mind & body are dynamically interconnected. Your cells feel your thoughts and process them chemically, while your mind stays aware of how your body is doing.

When you activate any belief - positive or negative - your cells get the message immediately. The healing system that supports your body has immense intelligence of its own. What this means is that healing is already holistic, reaching everywhere, knowing as much about you as you do.

Once you really take this in, you will sense the enormous, mostly hidden, power of the mind-body connection. Our neglect and damaging habits, our bad choices & toxic emotions are anti-healing. We act as if the body is a complicated object we have little control over and often no sympathy with. To begin, what is needed is a shift in beliefs that begins with a basic but profound truth: Once you intend to heal, healing has begun."

-Deepak Chopra

Photo of Sex Educator & Cancer Warrior, Ericka Hart


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