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What's The Most Liberating Thought You've Ever Had? ⁣



"This is the way it is. For right now. And it will change.” ⁣

"I don't need to know the answers."⁣

"I don’t know, and can’t possibly know, what’s going to happen in the future."⁣

"Change is good."⁣

"I'm ok."⁣

“Thoughts are real, but they’re not true.”⁣

“Knowing WHY is not important.”⁣


“Joy is not controlling.”⁣

"Most of my own suffering is caused by me. That means I can change it.”⁣

“Enlightenment is absolute cooperation with the inevitable.” (Tara Brach)⁣

“Life is a continual succession of agreeable & disagreeable situations.” ⁣

"I have my most powerful toolkit with me at all times - my breath, my body, and the present moment."⁣

“Sense what it means to be in the center of now.”⁣


“A warm spring wind steadily dissolves winter ice.”⁣

"A wind that changes direction often, even a very powerful one, will disperse nothing - it only stirs up the sky. The wind that causes real change is the one that blows consistently in the same direction.”⁣

“In a great storm, the wise bird returns to her nest and waits patiently.” ⁣


"When I'm working too hard / pushing for things to be a certain way, I let go of the wheel and let the easier way show itself."⁣

"When things don't fall into place with ease, it's a sign to me that maybe I should reconsider what I'm pushing for."⁣

"It's important for me to notice if I feel drained after being with someone."⁣

★ What are yours??⁣

Prompt by Rob Brezsny

Image by Benjamin Everett


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