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Routine is More Dangerous Than Adventure

Updated: 1 day ago

"Routine is more dangerous than adventure. Routine is killing us, dulling people’s sense of curiosity and purpose and wonder, leaving us looking back on our lives with regret." - Bertrand Picard, Psychiatrist & Aeronaut

Whaddya think, 2023?

Yes, it's been a rough few years and we need to take it easy on ourselves. We cannot underestimate the importance of safety and security.

But, perhaps it's time to come out of our little bubbles? Has stagnation crept in?



In what ways

Does safety, security, routine hold us back?



In what ways

Should we push ourselves out of our comfort zones?

What are the things you think of as crucial for your wellbeing? What would happen if you lessened your grip on one of them?

Have you been playing small? Acting out of fear? Prioritizing comfort over all else? Feeling too routine in life?

We're all on our own paths and, of course, no judgment. You do what you do, but just some things to think about as we enter this new year ...

Cheers to us all for making it this far! 🎉

Art by Benjamin Everett


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