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Reasons You'll Love Working Here

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Hi there! We are looking for an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist to join our team. ⁣

→ Could it be You? ←⁣

If you answer "yes" to most of these questions, please consider applying via the link in our bio. Please tag or send to others who may be interested!⁣

- I have Master's in Counseling or Psychology and am registered with the BBS working towards California licensure.

- I am trained in EMDR, Somatic Therapy, Brainspotting or other depth-oriented modalities.⁣

- I believe healing comes from more than talk therapy alone - I incorporate the body, the unconscious & a spiritual perspective into my work.⁣

- I have an approachable style & build rapport easily with people.⁣

- I would enjoy being part of a community of like-minded peers.⁣

- I appreciate a supportive work environment, where I can pursue the things I love to do and I am nurtured & challenged to grow in new ways. ⁣

- My physical surroundings affect me. I feel better & work better in spaces that are design-oriented and full of art, plants, rugs, light and mid century modern furniture. ⁣

- Not having to worry about insurance, billing, or time-consuming paperwork sounds good to me!⁣

- So does getting matched with lovely, soulful clients who are looking to know themselves deeper and become their best selves!⁣

Reasons You May Love Working Here:⁣

- We get the BEST clients - curious, creative, here to do the work & committed to expanding their consciousness. ⁣

- This work can be isolating; being part of a community helps us stay light and in love with our jobs. ⁣

- Flow is truly our ethos. We do what feels right and good. If something no longer feels good, we let it go. Nothing is forced and nothing is pushed.⁣

- Startup DIY culture allows us to do whatever we want -- You want to start a group? Sure! You no longer want to do the group? Sure! ⁣

- We flourish in creative atmospheres.⁣

- We love coming to our beautiful office - it feels so happy in here, it's like entering a different world. There's always good music playing and the best smells coming from the diffuser. ⁣

- When it feels like the world is imploding around us, we know we're not alone. We have each other and we take good care of each other.⁣


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