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How We'll Work Together

People come to us for many different reasons. Do you feel “flat,” “lost,” or like you have “no purpose?” Are you not “getting enough enjoyment out of life?” Are you comparing yourself to others? Does your mind skew towards the negative?

Are these things affecting your relationships? Maybe you need an impartial perspective? Someone to help you talk about your feelings? Or maybe you need help processing a loss or some family dynamics?

We’ll provide support in multiple ways, as there is no one right method for everyone. All of our therapists are licensed and trained traditionally and we start with that fundamental backdrop.

What’s unique here is that our next steps involve a variety of approaches you won’t find everywhere. We may involve your imagination, your body, your scientific side, the memories you have, the memories you don’t have. We may go into the garden or try meditating, we may use Chinese Medicine or other ancient practices. There might be clear goals or we might need to figure those out.

All of our work will be evidence-based and rooted in science, backed by decades of research. But we’ll also make use of innovative, cutting-edge techniques to stay current with modern trends in order to help you grow in the most comprehensive and creative ways possible.

Each experience will be personalized according to individual needs. If you’re interested in deepening your internal awareness, improving your relationships, and getting more enjoyment out of life, come in for a session and hear our ideas!

Art by Jean Arp, "Decoupages," 1961


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