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Need for Control

I’ve been wrestling with that part of myself that needs to control everything.

Which leads me to thinking about ..

Why I can never leave home without My Emotional Support Water Bottle?

* Did you say Need for Control? Definitely! My S'well keeps my water ice cold so that my exact standards can always be met.

* Immediate Gratification? Sure! Honestly, I barely drink the stuff but what IF I get parched? Knowing it’s there brings me peace.

* Emotional Regulation? Why not! Just how kids calm themselves with their blankeys, the bottle is something comfortable & familiar to grasp onto in this big, scary world.

* Epigenetic Trauma? But of course! As a Jew, I’m genetically wired to assume I could lose everything at once at any moment. So I must have food and water with me AT ALL TIMES.

But, this isn’t really about the water bottle, is it?

It’s about the things we do to get our needs met.

How we try to control our partner’s affections and actions.

How we demand and expect our needs and desires to be met instantly and to our exact specifications.

How we may be more anxious and stressed on a daily basis than we realize.

Life is hard for us control freaks.

At least I have my water bottle.

📷: Robert Longo


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