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Stuffing Down Our Emotions

Last week on the finale of "The Bachelor," Arie changed his mind and left his fiancé, Becca, for another woman.

Ok, fine, that's brutal and I feel bad for Becca. But what really bothers me is everyone's reaction to her response: "She's handling it so strongly."

During the dump, Becca told Arie, "Now you'll finally see me cry," as if it's so unusual. What is wrong with crying? With showing emotion?

We're taught - both women and especially men - to be strong, succeed, achieve, keep our shit together. God forbid we feel or show emotion! Emotions, we're told, are weakness.

And guess what happens when we cut off our emotions and stuff them down? Illness, depression, numbness, stuck in our heads, codependency, addiction, you get the idea.

Come in ... Talk ... Get it out. We'll help you feel your emotions in a way that won't overwhelm you and may ultimately feel relieving. You ready to give it a try? xo

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