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In the Flow

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Being in the FLOW state, or “in the zone.” You’re completely involved in what you’re doing. Everything goes automatically without thinking. You’re focused, concentrated, there’s a sense of ecstasy, of being outside everyday reality. Great inner clarity - knowing what needs to be done and how to do it. Nothing else seems to matter. Timelessness, hours seem to pass by in minutes. Concentration is so intense that there’s no attention left to think about other problems. Self-consciousness disappears. You’re not worrying about stupid things, regretting what you did yesterday, stressing about what you’ll do tomorrow.

When I say FLOW I also think about upstream and downstream effort in your life. Upstream, when you're kicking so hard against a current and exhausting yourself to no avail. Downstream, when you stop fighting so hard and let the current naturally carry you. Do you know this upstream feeling I describe? When you're working way too hard to make something go the way you want, but it’s just not flowing smoothly. Versus letting go of the "This is what I want, this is how it should be" and allowing to happen whatever is naturally occurring.

Can you feel the relief in that! It gets easier. It might not be what you *thought* you wanted, but when you notice yourself working and trying too hard, just take your hands off the wheel and let go of the push. Something will happen. Not sure what, but something will - it always does.

Photo by Silvestri Matteo


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