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Stuck in The Past?

Do you get stuck in the past? Want to let go of obsessive thoughts?

First, what are you telling yourself about the situation? What are you believing about yourself or others?

What's the hurt or pain under the thinking? Can you allow it to surface? Try doing this alone, maybe in your room or with a journal.

Learn to self-soothe: Put your hand on your heart - this releases oxytocin, the "feel good" hormone, which is activated when we cuddle or hug a loved one. You'll feel an immediate relaxing of your body and nervous system.

Comfort yourself, silently or in a whisper: "I'm here with you." This may be foreign to you, but try. "This is hard. I see you. You're not alone."

Be easy with yourself. You're trying something new. This is how you learn to be with difficult emotions without checking out or shutting down. You'll see that when you do this, the sadness or pain comes up and then it passes. You now have tools to use in the moment so the emotions won't overwhelm you.

We see you and you're not alone!


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