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Change is Good!

After almost two years in our beloved home, we are moving to a new location. ⁣ 400 of you have joined us here - undisguised and raw, hopeful and optimistic. You have infused this house with so much warmth & positivity. ⁣ But ... we got too big and could no longer do business in a residential zone, so we're all moving to a new space at the Santa Monica Airport. ⁣ It is sooo cool! We've created our own little world over here ~ part NYC loft, part 1940s movie set. Tons of space and light, trees, arts, dogs, music. You'll see ... there's something spiritual happening here. ⁣

We love meeting you, knowing you. Watching you grow and change. We love that you cry. We get the goosebumps when you share good news.⁣ We know it's hard to put your phones down, step away from work, and show up each week. In these bizarro times, these in-person connections keep us grounded!⁣ Thank you for keeping it real ❤️⁣


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