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A Bit on Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

I have long been passionate about using Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine as a way to support mental health.

If your days are consistently more difficult due to non transient feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, feeling stuck / off / melancholy, whatever you call it, along with feelings of frustration, irritability or sadness, then I’d love to discuss with you the ways Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help. It is a complete holistic medical system that understands how emotions can manifest in the physical body.

At Flow, we’re lucky to have multiple therapies under one roof so that they can be experienced in a complementary manner.

We'll often recommend an Acupuncture session before or after your other therapy appointments. A session before can help you relax and open so that you and your therapist can reach deeper states. A session after can help your body and nervous system integrate and process what you just absorbed.

I love questions! Email for any questions, details and to book appointments. x Heather


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