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Online Therapy

  • Covid-19 safe

  • Convenient & saves you time - no commute

  • Therapy from the comfort and safety of your own home

  • You live outside of LA*

  • You want high quality services that fit into your lifestyle


Werner Paton on the Welle Prototype, 1969

So you're thinking of online therapy and not sure if it's effective? The answer is Yes!

Plus, I'll say it: It's more convenient. 

The most important factor in determining a successful course of therapy remains the same: The relationship between therapist and client. Whether that's in the room or on the screen, it doesn't matter so much. 

When it's a good fit, you build a safe, respectful relationship with someone who truly "gets" you, does not judge you, and who offers you fresh, new tools & resources. You have time reserved to invest in yourself in this way every week. 

While there are things we miss by not being in person together, the pandemic has shown us how easily we can connect virtually. Innovative ways of working have emerged, including techniques for remote EMDR, trauma & somatic therapies. 

*Let us know if you live outside of California and we can discuss options.

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