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Somatic Therapy

At Flow, we are passionate about somatic therapy. Given the choice of which advanced training to pursue, most of us choose this path. Our feelings are clear: In order to provide the most effective psychotherapy, the body and mind cannot be separated. 

Beliefs about the primacy of the mind over the wisdom of the body have endured for centuries. We're walking around in our heads all day, cut off from our bodies. And we're told we're doing this right! (Because we're successful, we're achieving). 

But, somewhere, somehow deep inside ... you know something is missing.

In simple ways, we'll start to awaken the connection with your body. We'll teach you about your nervous system and how you can take the lead in directing your emotional experiences. 

Feelings, thoughts, behaviors, reactions, memories, bodily sensations, health conditions -- these are all connected. Imagine feeling in control of these events, rather than at the mercy of them. 

Your relationships can be smoother. Anxiety and stress can be reduced. An inner sense of peace and joy will natural develop. You can be comfortable in your own skin, with your own company

We still want to hear what you have to say and we'll do plenty of talking in session. But we also want to help slow you down, get quiet, and listen to the guidance from within. There's the gold!


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